NH Billiards League

Welcome to the
New Hampshire Billiards League 
Fall 2017 Session

    New Hampshire Billiards League and the BCA Pool League would like to welcome all the players to our Traveling 8-Ball League.  Remember that the first objective of this league is FUN - so please act accordingly.

You will find the schedule for the fall 2017  session along with the current averages and NHBL rules on this site. All BCA rules apply UNLESS superseded by a NHBL rule.

The weekly league fee is $32.00 per team, even if only 3 show up or a forfeit.  Teams with a bye do NOT pay that week.

The league statistician will compute individual handicaps for the session. Your handicap from the last session we have an average for will carry over for the first week and will blend in the first 4 weeks you play. New players to this league that have an established handicap in another BCA league will start with the average from that league when possible, and brand new players will be a 7 handicap for the first week and will be blended in the for the first 4 weeks of play.

Please fill out your score sheet completely. First names and last initials of the players and the Team name are required each week. Please indicate in the space provided at the bottom of the score sheet, who paid what amount each week. Filling out the score sheet will make it much easier to keep track of stats, and ensure that there are no mistakes. If you have any questions about the score sheet feel free to ask me. 

PLEASE NOTE... When you sign your paperwork you are agreeing that your paperwork AND your opponents’ paperwork is correct.  I am still seeing discrepancies between score sheets that have been signed.  If I have to decide which score sheet is correct, you will NOT like my decision.

If a team cannot make it for a match, please contact the opposing team captain to try to make up the match within a week. If the match cannot be made up, the team that showed up gets 16 wins and 5 points.  Individual players are NOT awarded any wins, losses or points. The team that didn't show up still must pay their weekly fees. Failure to pay your weekly fees will result in your team not being allowed to compete in the tournaments and you forfeit cash awards. It’s not fair to the other teams if you don't pay your share.

Captains, it is your responsibility to contact your team members to let them know where they are playing this week.  I will be emailing a few of you individually with your team info sheets – please fill in the missing information and include with your paperwork.

Once again we thank all of you who are participating in this session of New Hampshire Billiards League / BCA Pool League.  Good Luck!


Please call or email with any questions.


       Tony Felch, President (cell) 998-1418                Jon Rich, VP/Statistician (cell) 387-3994

       Email: ynotynot@peoplepc.com                          Email: jrich@cybertronnh.com


Click here to download a PDF/Printable version of the schedule